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At calculation of term of the cassation appeal it must be kept in mind that in case of adjournment by court of drawing up the motivated decision for a period of up to three days, term on submission of the appeal (the protest on the decision in the final shape has to be estimated from the date of, following behind the day determined by court for acquaintance with the motivated decision.

to federal executive authorities (their territorial authorities) exercising control of quality and safety of goods (works, to an usl, in case of violation by the manufacturer (the performer, the seller) of requirements to safety of goods (works, to an usl, including in protection of an uncertain circle of consumers.

As the court of cassation instance is obliged to consider case on the appeal (protest) no later than 10 days from the date of its receipt, the judge at implementation of requirements of GPK about the notice of participants of process about time and a place of consideration of the appeal (the protest should be defined day of the direction of business in court of the second instance so that the term provided by GPK was not broken, and also real opportunity for the persons participating in business personally is considered to be present at court session.