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Similarity - contrast of properties of partners, as a compatibility condition. In particular it was revealed that the properties caused more hereditarily find a tendency to contrast in compatible individuals. The human qualities caused rather by an education subject to influence of the sociocultural Environment, especially valuable orientations, installations and interests, are most often similar at the compatible.

What here can interest teachers? Their participation in this project could be virtual analog of real teaching activity. Perhaps, they will have ideas which they would be glad to share, or remote rare materials which terribly to give in hands - will get lost.

In the section Testing of On-line some techniques are available to acquaintance. Interpretation of results of testing of On-line is generated by the program modules which are a part of commercial versions of the CONSUL programs.

Feature of the Integrator is ability to interpret not only results of various techniques separately, but also to generate integrated interpretation by results of Lyusher and Sondhi's techniques.

It should be noted that when using in issledovaniiya of a family of techniques it is not in general about compatibility, and about compatibility at the level of those qualities which define these techniques. Any criteria of compatibility give the chance to allocate only extreme options badly and well compatible people.

Now in scientific community there was interesting, but not really convenient situation: the circle of the people who are engaged in scientific development becomes closed and self-sufficient. Creative energy will be redirected on maintenance of status level owing to what the structure of communication is even more closed. The is formed "for the" science therefore the accumulated knowledge at all the need is remote.

It is recommended to investigate for receiving a complete idea of intra family relationship parents (or the only parent) by a technique of DIA and Gissensky dough, and children ( by a technique of ADOR and Gissensky dough.