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That "SONY" makes really good equipment also played a role, but the same scales of trade expansion did not work well for Panasonic firm, despite the made equipment same, and sometimes and the best quality.

Prestigious TV commercial on domestic a on the volume and a variety obviously concedes to a commodity, but takes the separate place and deserves close examination as the advertizing developing.

At production of the advertizing material on television it is impossible to speak about a priority of one type of registration over another. Whatever fine was the video series with any elements of computer graphics, professionally made text, the roller will not have due impact on the TV viewer, will not "sound" if it is deprived of a musical background or the background does not correspond to "mood" of a roller.

The domestic advertisement producers who are engaged in production of prestigious TV commercial in the rollers are surprisingly deprived of a creative and the imagination. Though in this rule there are exceptions.

Use of mass media. In this case it is unimportant that or who acts as such means: for ancient the city herald was also good, as for us today television, newspapers or an advertizing inscription onboard the bus. The main thing - that it was heard or seen by many, and first of all that who is object of advertizing.

Need and requirement, many other circumstances compel the buyer to look for goods. In process of advance of society to abundance and transformations of all markets into the markets of consumers even process of recognition about goods becomes business, very important for the producer. And if to tens grades of soap it is added new, the first task of the producer - it is simple to inform potential buyers that such goods are. And as process of updating of the commodity range constant care of all firms, simple informing on existence of goods is extremely important for all producers.

Determination of efficiency is a necessary condition of the correct organization and the planning of advertizing activity of firm, rational use of work and appliances spent for advertizing.

Plurality of problems of advertizing generates also a considerable variety of its types, means of distribution, options of its creation and other elements of which advertizing consists as system. Respectively there are bases and for conditional classification of advertizing:

One more type of advertizing teleproduction it is possible both to prestigious, and to commodity advertizing. It is advertizing by periodicals of the subscription campaign. On the one hand editions advertize the newspaper as goods and a subscription as service (typical commodity ­, with another - propaganda is carried on through display of the newspaper as firms, names as trademark (typical prestigious advertizing.

So that to estimate goods as that and conveniences of its purchase, it is necessary to know for a start simply about its existence, and in this sense advertizing - not auxiliary or derivative, but the most important function of marketing.

Research of advertizing efficiency has to be directed on obtaining special data on essence and interrelation of the factors serving to achievement of the objectives of advertizing with the smallest expenses of means and the maximum return that will allow to eliminate the idle advertizing and to define conditions for its optimum influence.

TV advertizing has an undoubted before all other types of advertizing: it is a not simply to give out the image, the picture, and the image moving, with use of special effects and computer graphics. For this reason audiovisual means of registration of a television are its main "trump" and their competent use can emphasize and ennoble of these or those goods.

In general, in the rollers with commodity advertizing executed in the western countries the "strong" hand of professionals with long-term experience is felt. It is visible both on art, and on technical registration of the advertizing material. Unfortunately, domestic did not succeed in production of high-quality commodity advertizing yet.

In the last ten years the situation with advertizing in our country underwent the same global changes, as well as all our society. Now we face advertizing everywhere, it interferes in our life every minute.