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The largest of them are AKC Kyrgyz Concept, Ak-Sai Travel, C.A.T. Corporation, Glavtour, Makmal Tur. These companies are characterized by that provide enough full range of services. The main tourist services which provide data of the company, are:

In the republic reconstruction of highways Bishkek-Osh, Bishkek-Naryn-Torugart, Bishkek-Balykchi-Karakol, Osh-Irkeshtam, and also the highways conducting to historical and architectural and historical sights of the country is important for development of tourism. The specified directions of road highways completely coincide with the main strings of routes of the Great Silk way. The organization of travel of tourists for these highways can become one of the main profitable types of tourism on the Great Silk way.

In classification of the World tourism organization the countries which are first of all supplying countries of tourists, and the countries which are first of all accepting are allocated. Supplying countries of tourists treat: USA, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, England. The countries accepting tourists treat: Australia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Greece, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.

Besides, can be provided to the tourist or certain types of service at his choice, or a full complex of services. The full complex of services can be provided by sale of so-called inklyuziv-rounds (inclusive tour) or pekidzh-rounds (package tour).

The infrastructure of services existing currently meanwhile does not meet in the republic requirements of actively developing tourism, however, it can become a basis for creation of more modern infrastructure meeting the international standards and considering ecological requirements.

The first country in the region on tourist and receipts (44 and 64% respectively) are the USA. This consequence of huge domestic market and advanced infrastructure of the country. The USA have the most extensive in the world the and transport industry.

Considering countries with economies in transition it is possible to note that now the tourist industry in these countries endures the period of the as independent sector of managing.

East Asia and the Pacific region foreign tourists, first of all the nature, but also not only it. For example, the new industrial countries are attractive for business travel. Entertaining tourism ­ is developed in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and the Japanese show business takes the second place in the world after the USA. Hong Kong and offer excellent shopping tourism. Thailand, especially became one of the important tourist countries in the region after started mastering new on the southern coast of the country and to organize cultural and informative trips on the country North.

Really, the exchange of goods between the countries is, first of all, an exchange of a of the same category, for example ­ cars between the USA and Japan or food between the European countries. It is so-called intra-branch trade. In tourism the exchange of similar products also, for example, in sector of cultural tourism, but in smaller sizes. As a rule, there are exchanges of traditional types of tourism. For example, residents of the northern countries of Europe generally spend holidays in resorts of the countries of the Mediterranean, and residents of the southern warm countries give preference to rest in ski resorts.

The international tourism promotes economic and social development on a global scale. The provided data once again confirm that the international tourism takes an important and significant place in world economy.

Each element of infrastructure of tourist branch of Kyrgyzstan has the specific features. So, for example, in connection with the geographical position which in Kyrgyzstan is the most developed the motor transport is. Are less developed - water and railway transport though, the greatest number of tourists arrive to Kyrgyzstan railway transportom.15

The tourism infrastructure in Kyrgyzstan is presented by set of means of a, vehicles, objects of food,, informative, business, improving, ­ and other appointment.

Development of tourism makes the stimulating impact on such key sectors of economy as transport, communication, trade, construction, agriculture, production of consumer goods and, taking into account multiplicative effect, makes one of the most perspective directions of restructuring of economy.