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Thus, provision of energy of all individuals of community of live organisms of an ecosystem requires a certain quantitative ratio between producers, konsument of different orders, detritofagam and redutsentam. However for activity of any organisms, so and system in general, only energy has not enough, they surely have to receive various mineral components, microcells, organic substances necessary for creation of molecules of live substance.

Let's remind that the ecosystem is a set of the live organisms exchanging continuously energy, substance and information with each other and with environment. Let's consider at first process of an exchange of energy.

All stock of energy is concentrated in the mass of organic substance - biomass therefore intensity of education and destruction of organic substance on each of levels is defined by passing of energy by an ecosystem (biomass can always be expressed in energy units).

The amensalizm at which one look does harm to another differs from parasitism, without deriving thus for itself any benefit. Most often it is those cases when the done harm consists in change of Wednesday. So the person arrives, destroying and polluting environment.

High speeds of a producing biomass are observed in natural and artificial ecosystems where abiotic factors are favorable, and especially at receipt of additional energy from the outside that reduces own costs of system of activity maintenance. Such additional energy can arrive in a different form: for example, on the cultivated field - in the form of the energy of fossil fuel and work made by the person or an animal.

negative interactions between organisms are shown at initial stages of development of community or in the violated environment; in recently created or new associations the probability of emergence of strong negative interactions is more, than in old associations;

Intraspecific fight happens between individuals of the same look, the interspecific competition takes place between individuals of different types. Competitive interaction can concern vital space, food or biogenous elements, light, a place of shelter and many other vital factors.

Thus, any live system including the ecosystem, supports the activity thanking, first, to existence in environment a lot of gratuitous energy (energy of the Sun; secondly, ability at the expense of the device of the components making it this energy to catch and concentrate, and having used - to disseminate in environment.