Listening There S More To Ace The Interview

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The nature presented to us, people of Earth, a surprising gift - the Sun. Its energy quite will be enough not only to warm our planet, but also in plenty to give to drink electricity. Only energy of a sun should be taken not from Earth surface where conditions are most often unreliable, and from Earth orbit where the Sun shines round the clock and density energy is nearly 15 times higher.

Experts analysed both advantages, and shortcomings of a way of obtaining energy. To transform light to electricity and to transport it to Earth, it is necessary to take into an orbit and to develop there huge designs of solar elements. On predesigns, their area has to make 100 square kilometers and more.

It is energy size in unit of time, in fact - power. So, value W is defined by two variables - S and How in principle it is possible to increase it? If for account S, has to reconcile to the inevitable growth of dimensions and mass of VEU (see.