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About 5-7% of the bought accessories are the share of high-quality production of the class high-end. And, experts on the present do not note reduction of a share of similar production in a total amount of purchases in comparison with the pre-crisis period that is caused by requirements of new telecommunication and network technologies.

The DEALINE works with all categories of dealers. It and the companies specializing on retails, and the dealers proposing solutions, both system integrators, and branch dealers – each DEALINE company seeks to offer those goods and services which are necessary for it.

Most of suppliers consider DEALINE as strategic partner. Why producers consider DEALINE as the perspective partner? Because the correct technology is that they want to see. From the point of view of the producer the DEALINE is arranged exactly as the distributor has to be arranged. The DEALINE technology accurately works at each stage of cooperation, the personnel of purchasing department professionally works, funds are punctually transferred. Producers understand how the DEALINE works, and are sure that failures will not be.

The analysis of advertizing campaigns of vendors of hardware - the analysis of behavior of vendors on the basis of the advertizing campaigns which are carried out by them (volumes, support of partners, a share of vendors in all-market structure of computer advertizing).

According to experts, the structure of the main channels of purchase of accessories will slightly change or will not change in general. Now, as before, it is the share of a share of wide-profile and specialized distributors to 40% of purchases of accessories, however at the moment there was a redistribution of this share in favor of specialized suppliers in a proportion 1:3 (before crisis of a share of wide-profile and specialized distributors were approximately identical). On a share of other channels of purchase of accessories experts take away the remained 60%, and domestic producers of computers borrow about 2/3, and 1/3 falls to the share of "gray" import and casual deliveries. The market of distribution, despite crisis, managed to keep the positions and to continue work. Some distributors provide more favorable conditions for work with partners, than vendors.

Despite the absence of authentic favorable short-term forecasts, results of researches indicate existence of the factors interfering destruction of business and testifying to rather high adaptation opportunities of subjects of business.

Against these events it is interesting to track activity of computer firm, to understand schemes of interaction with suppliers and distributors, to find new schemes of advance and product sales and services. All these schemes well can be shown only from wholesale department because this department in each firm is closely integrated both to purchase and to sales to end-user'a. From wholesale department realization of all new forms of marketing efforts begins, respectively, here it is possible to see the best results.

The situation according to these data is quite explainable: during crisis major companies with a steady financial position bought the small firms occupying the priority share of the market or being engaged in exclusive production, such cases the majority. Association of equal partners is also apparently rather widespread. It is connected with business integration: for example, system integration and own production. Association of equal partners on one sector of the market happens practically for one reason: decrease in costs of competitive fight.

The best, most active dealers are given opportunity of training and certification of their experts by producers. Training is provided together with representatives of the producer for specialists of sales departments and technical support of dealers.

By consideration of wholesale networks of product sales in the computer market of our country it makes sense to allocate only the organizations, as direct consumers of this production because individuals in this case are related only to retail networks. Therefore further it will be a question only of the consumer market of the organizations.