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The shovel or mutton gammon are cut small slices, as for goulash. In a deep heavy pan warm vegetable oil and fry in it meat. Add the pounded garlic, small cut onions, salt, black ground pepper, laurels, a carnation, parsley greens, a saffron, ginger, small cut tomatoes or a tomato paste and extinguish some minutes, stirring slowly. Then pour in water, cover with a cover and extinguish, mixing, about an hour until meat becomes soft. The onions cut by segments are roasted on vegetable oil till golden color; the raisin is presoaked on half an hour in warm water, almonds are roasted on oil and all this is put together in a pan with meat. Having stirred, put a pan in a hot oven for 15 minutes (the dish has to become from above dry).

The South African cookery is an invaluable treasury. The motley palette of ethnic restaurants in the country corresponds to its cultural diversity. In many houses of braaivleis (traditional meat dishes represents mixture of elements of traditional African, Malaysian, Indian and old Boer cuisine. In an anticipation of kebab and house sausages, fathers (thick porridge from cornmeal) and shebu (vegetable liquid seasoning), binyani (a marinated chicken with spices in, you can be indulged with biltong (dried meat) and chillibites (shish kebab).

From chicken to weld 2 l of strong broth. To weld peas to softness, to wipe through a sieve, to brown on vegetable oil. Onions small to cut, roast on oil with largely shabby apple. To connect to peas, to add powder a curry and a little broth and to extinguish minutes 1 to Strew with a flour, to fill in with other broth and to salt. To give with sour cream.

learn to distinguish jellylike corn porridge or simply fathers and friable phutu porridge. Farmers are often compelled to use instead of a grain cereal of a sorghum known under the name mabela, corn because the sorghum is very quickly pecked by birds.

fresh, 7 g (1,5 h. l.) sugar, 500 ml (2 cups) of warm water, 60 g of a flour; for dough: 500 g of butter or 250 g of creamy plus 250 g of vegetable, 300 ml of milk and 50 ml of boiled water, 7 g (1,5 h. l.) <: Olya, 2,5 kg of the sifted flour, melted butter for greasing of biscuits.

And of course, some words about couscous in this part of Africa. In Senegal couscous prepares in special ware to a kuskusira where in the lower part meat with vegetables is stewed, and grain couscous is steamed in the top part. Openings in the top part of a kuskusir have to be rather small. If openings too big, stack on a bottom of ware thin to weave.

It is possible to serve to it couscous - the card of Moroccan cuisine. Without it any meal is inconceivable. Language will not turn to call this dish porridge because couscous - a magnificent and fragrant cloud, having tried which, any person will appear in the seventh heaven. This dish is prepared by the bride for the betrothal: if couscous is not pleasant to future fathers-in-law - not to happen to a wedding.