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Represent territories with a preferential trade regime where there is a number of preferences for investment, development of industrial production, export of production. Production and trade activity of STPZ are quite widespread type of zones.

The organizational and functional structure of SEZ is rather diverse. It is sometimes quite difficult to classify this or that SEZ unambiguously as it possesses lines of many zones. Among most widespread in the world of SEZ it is possible to allocate the following.

Prime steps in creation of SEZ definition of their purposes and tasks. As a rule, they are closely interconnected. So, in the zones having complex character of the purpose are subordinated to activization of business activity for acceleration of exploitation of natural resources and growth on this basis of an export potential, to development of modern production by introduction of the latest technologies, to acquisition of experience of development of the market relations. Proceeding from the specified purposes. Tasks of creation of SEZ are set.

After - making decision on creation of SEZ - there comes the stage of its introduction to action, i.e. formation of infrastructure, basic elements, conditions of business activity. Further the stage of functioning of a zone follows.

The favorable investment climate assumes also existence of rather cheap and available factors of production, proximity of a capacious sales market, special financial and administrative conditions for investors.

At the initial stage preceding creation of SEZ, the administration of the territory where it is supposed to create SEZ with involvement of experts defines expediency of its education, plans a target orientation and branch structure of SEZ, and also some other its parameters.