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Along with formation of the new integrated structure investment appeal of the enterprises entering it and association in general that allowed to accelerate implementation of innovative programs of development of production and sale of production, to lift competitiveness of the enterprises.

For providing a continuity of management and prevention the of efficiency of the company in a transition period ­ body began to carry out a role the management company allocated () in a subsoil of management personnel of each plant. Further there has to be a formation of a full-fledged organizational of the company and formation of the corporate center to divisions of joint use. By the company such model of a control system which is able to work and according to the set corporate purposes and, at continuous dialogue with environment has to be created. Such control system is based on the high level of self-organization.

In researches on crisis management the and regional aspects which are shown in specifics of measures in relation to various enterprises and different of their arrangement are not allocated.

As shows experiment of reforming of economic activity of industrial complexes, restructuring is the effective instrument of intensive increase of competitiveness of. Thus it is considered as an organic set of measures for reduction of activity of the enterprises and the companies in compliance with external market conditions of managing and the developed strategy of functioning and development of production.